Why do we need your help?

We are asking for your support to help fund an amazing community art project by artist Freddy Tuppen. As part of the upcoming Salon 63, an ambitious project for which curator Sasha Galitzine has invited 15 artists to collaborate with 10 hair and beauty salons from Clerkenwell to Peckham, Freddy is working with the proprietors of Miami Health Club to help them refurbish their jacuzzi room. By reinstating the long out-of-use room Dan and Charmaine will be able to offer more services and treatments to their loyal customers from the local community.

What is Miami Health Club?

Dan and Charmaine founded Miami Health Club 30 years ago, since then they have been welcoming and helping hundreds of members of the local community with dance classes, cosmetic treatments, dietary advice, fitness regimes and so much more. They have created an incredibly warm and open environment where all ages, backgrounds and abilities are welcomed. Miami Health Club is an inspiring bastion of community support, an invaluable source of physical and mental wellbeing within the local area.

What is Salon 63?

This project is part of a much larger project Salon 63 which launches on Sunday 16th September from 2-8pm. Salon 63 investigates the salon as a vital community space. The partner salons represent the vibrant diversity of the bus route, serving the local communities including the Dominican Republican, Algerian, Nigerian, Columbian, Ecuadorian and British in matters not only hair and beauty. Spending time in these spaces it is quite clear that the salon is so much more than a place of preening but rather a pillar of community support, friendship and fun.

Why has Freddy decided to do this project and how will it benefit the club?

Early in the development of his project as part of Salon 63, Freddy met Dan and Charmaine and was immediately struck by the passion and sincerity with which they ran Miami Health Club. The Club's benefit to the local community was immediately apparent and Freddy wanted to contribute in any way possible.

Freddy’s practice is multidisciplinary and incorporates elements of sculpture, installation, interior design and architecture so when Dan and Charmaine told him about their out of use jacuzzi room at the back of the club an opportunity presented itself.

Freddy’s proposal to refurbish the jacuzzi room would dramatically expand the activities of the club and offer more services to their clients such as pampering sessions, it would also provide more space for Charmaine to expand the courses that she runs for local students. The refurbishment aims to reinvigorate the space, freshen up the existing interior and turn it into a place of relaxation and escape.

Who am I?

My name is Sasha Galitzine and as a curator I have been developing relationships with salons including with the Miami Health Club along the 63 bus route since May 2017. I have secured funding from both the Arts Council and other private donors (£13.5K) for the other 14 projects. Now we just need your help to extend the legacy of Salon 63 and make this community space which will last long after the show has come down.

We would be incredibly grateful for any contributions however small so that we can make this project a reality and provide a relaxing space to benefit the completely brilliant Dan and Charmaine and the beautiful community that they have built and continue to support.

We would like to thank all our incredibly generous supporters for making Salon 63 possible: Charles Asprey, Carolyn & Adam Barker-Mill, The Derek Hill Foundation and Arts Council England.