For Salon 63 Larry Achiampong will be performing a site-specific performance at 7pm from barber shop FabUK on the Old Kent Road. Larry’s performance will explore his own personal archive and collection of records, mixed with his familial records. The work will investigate traces of his own history and personal knowledge, particularly drawing from his experience of growing up in East London, an expression of the experience of being part of a community, within the context of these valuable community salons threatened by burgeoning gentrification. Larry’s Pan African Flag for the Relic Travellers’ Alliance, explores Afrofuturism and African diasporic identity. The colours are all symbolic (54 stars for the African nations, green, black, red its land, its people, its  struggles respectively) in a form symbolic of a human in flight towards the new yellow prosperity will also be displayed in the window of the salon.  A signifier of African nations’ increasing border sharing in contrast to Europe’s closures.