Paul Kindersley, Manuel Guerra Skin Care and Sylvio’s Juice bar, 17a Elephant Rd, SE17 1AY

Take a specially made business card, follow the link to access the youtube video...Paul Kindersley’s work ‘Bold Beautiful Beauty Bag’ with co-star Paud Condron was made in and around the salon with its owners Manuel and Sylvio, fellow fans of Pedro Almodovar's melodramas which influenced the making of the work. In this site-specific project, a family day out to the salon leads to unexpected revelations on beauty. Paul’s improvised and deliberate silliness intends to disrupt the constraints of everyday life, particularly those quietly imposed on us in public space, exacerbated by the area’s new surrounding architecture. A video essay on beauty influenced by theatrical theatre groups such as the Cockettes, the characters’ lanky lycra-wearing limbs and posturing quote from William Hogarth’s line of beauty whilst comparisons are drawn from the sexual commodification of the coca cola bottle to the sinuous lines of a snake shedding its skin. Special salon treatments by the owners are cut and pasted with quotes from both Dynasty's Joan Collins and Linda Evans intertwined with ideas from Aubrey Beardsley to Eric Gill. There is beauty in the madness.